My Aim

My aim for creating this website was to learn how to speak in American sign language. I wanted to expand my sign language vocabulary greatly, and I I also decided to code this website to practice my HTML coding skills and process. The reason I decided to code a website rather than just making a small dictionary, is because with a website, you can access anything/everything quickly, and you can also send the information to other people.

Why Am I Doing This?

I wanted to learn ASL as I know that having some sort of basic knowledge can still help me communicate with hard of hearing individuals. I had started to learn that trying to accommodate for specific individuals who have different needs. Although I do not know anyone who is hearing-impaired, I still believe it is incredibly important to try to make daily life more fair for everyone. Not only Will I benefit from Learning another language, I can also use the learning skills I have practiced to better my communication in various other languages.

Why Should YOU Learn ASL?

If someone you know is hearing impaired, then learning a form of sign language is incredibly helpful in engaging in a deeper conversation. Learning sign language also is an excellent way to raise awareness and to develop a larger and stronger amount of respect to the overall deaf community.